True Love Necklace

True Love Necklace


A beautiful trapezoid heart charm in Sterling Silver dangles over your heart to remind you that true love is ever present. It can be expressed in self love, in loving others and loving the earth and all it’s creatures.

Morganite is the gemstone that is most powerful in harnessing the qualities of compassion and empowering you to activate your gifts to share in the world. Morganite’s frequency is tuned to that of true love. If you have heart trauma’s this is a good one to keep close by.

Rose Quartz is the love stone, seal in your intentions to gain the wisdom to love unconditionally and witness judgement dissolving.

Tap into the frequency of a Ruby when passion is desired, focus on increased blood flow and circulation to your precious body and trust this amplification of circulation will ignite your passion.

Pink Sapphires can illuminate your intuition and and give you peace of mind, it is said that it’s a protection stone.

A good mantra: I am worthy of unconditional love. I am loved unconditionally and I return that love.

The chain, clasp, ring, beads and charm are Sterling Silver. There are precious silver Karen Hill Tribe beads as well.

The necklace is a double strand and it is 25” from clasp to jump ring.

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