Giving Tour

I travel the world with my beloved husband as he tours with the band Nahko and Medicine for the People. I make jewelry during the day while on the road in the tour bus or sometimes in the green room of the venue during sound check. At night I set up my display at the merch table and sell my jewelry before and after the show. I am blessed to have this dream job of creating special, intention-filled pieces while traveling and witnessing my husband perform around the world.

When I began selling my jewelry in 2017 we traveled throughout Europe to debut Nahko’s “My Name Is Bear” album which my husband co-produced. Nahko and Medicine for the People are just that, they bring beautiful healing to many people through the powerful messages and incredible sounds that they produce.

It is inspiring to be surrounded by people in service. The band often plays for incarcerated youth, climate change awareness functions, political protests, etc. While in Amsterdam the band played a show at a refugee center to lift their spirits and gather more like minded people around to support those refugees who desperately need help. I was able to connect with Syrian refugees and hear first hand accounts of their struggles to protect their families and themselves, it moved me to donate what I could.

My hope is that all sentient beings (all life) have peace and a chance of optimum existence.

After a good number of sales on the European tour, I was able to donate 10% of my profit to causes that are dear to my heart. Amazon Watch, Batey Girls and a Stichting run refugee center in Amsterdam have received my support for their efforts in making this world a better place.

Natalie van Zelm