Wisdom Bracelet

Wisdom Bracelet


Confidence inspires wisdom. It is easier to learn and absorb new information when you believe in your potential. When you are studying or needing a supportive force to make decisions, tune into these stones. Blue Sapphire, Opal, Citrine, Pyrite and labradorite.

Blue Sapphire has been considered the wisdom stone for thousands of years. It is used for calming and focusing the mind and restores balance within the body.

Ethiopian Opals, that reflect the sun in azure and amber sparks, can give the courage to follow your dreams!

Clear Citrine is a good talisman to have near you to feel confidence in your steps forward into the exciting unknown, it also helps to awakens creativity.

Gold fill charm, clasp and chain and gold vermeil beads.

7.25” clasp to closure

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