North Star Bracelet

North Star Bracelet


The North Star bracelet empowers you to make bold decisions to live your life by your internal compass. Trust yourself!

Kyanite acts as a tuning fork for all your chakras and can help one enter a meditative state. When trying to make decisions remember that going within can give you clarity.

Blue sapphires enhance your intuition and spiritual truth.

Pyrite is also great for meditation and serves to protect you. In this vast universe, the amount of opportunities are infinite, connect to the possibilities and trust your decisions along the journey. 

Made with prayers, sterling silver compass, star and infinity charms, moonstone, kyanite, pyrite, blue sapphire, green sapphire, Karen Hill tribe silver and rose gold, gold (vermeil and plated) beads, sterling silver beads and chain, deer leather. 
7.25" diameter. 

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