Guide and Protect Bracelet 

Guide and Protect Bracelet 


The Guide and Protect bracelet is made with prayers💫 for protection and for you to reach your highest potential.

Opal is a visionary stone sparking a trust in your intuition. Healing onyx clears negativity and boosts self confidence. 

Smokey quartz multiplies the power of clearing negativity and allowing you to feel stable and grounded.

Moonstone enhances femininity and intuition. All these stones are protection stones. This bracelet can anchor your belief In yourself and your power and to trust that you are always protected. 

Also made with: Sterling Silver infinity symbol, black Opal with 🔥, brown Opals, Pyrite, Smoky Quartz, Onyx, and Carnelian gemstones. Moonstone and oxidized silver chain. Metal beads, oxidized brass, sterling silver clasp and loops & Deer leather. 

7.5" diameter.

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