Inner Compass Bracelet

Inner Compass Bracelet


You have an inner compass to get you on the path that leads to your greatest desires. Belief in your intuition is key and your wisest step is following your heart.

Kyanite removes negative energies from your field giving you more power to do what you came here to do in the world. TO SHINE.

ΙοIite links the mind and the heart, encouraging clarity of mind to assist in making decisions from the heart. Iolite aids in smoothing the chaos into order, giving us a sense of peace and calm.

Moonstone helps you connect to the wisdom of your dreams and your intuition.

Blue sapphires enhance your intuition and spiritual truth.

Quartz provides clarity and protection.

You are mystical.

Sterling silver chain, links, clasp and charm and as always it’s made with love and prayers.

7.25” Diameter

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